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IV Chan

[Poop Me To The Moon]


Solo exhibition commissioned by Para Site for Art Basel HK 2023

curated by Kobe Ko and Cusson Cheng

Employing Julia Kristeva's psychoanalytic concept of 'abjection' to revisit my childhood memories, I attempted to explore the boundary between enjoyment and anxiety through the imaginary child's worldview. For this presentation, there’s a set-up of a wooden complex that simulates my childhood bedroom, back when I shared a bunk bed with my younger sister. With soft sculptures and carpet design resembling human excrement oozing out of the structure and lying on the floor, this intimate yet uncanny symbolic space is where the child longs for the mother or grieves for her absence. The display also includes four wall pieces consisting of embroidered underpants framed in baby toys. Underpants are designed to conceal body parts understood as shameful, and by displaying them as wall-mounted trophies, these small sculptures represent the child's desire to regain the mother's approval and once again become her object of desire. During Art Basel HK, two poetry performances at the Para Site booth were staged.