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IV Chan

[What did Mother not tell me?]

stage + sound + poetry + installation + performance
@ Tai Kwun Center for Heritage and Arts, JC Cube, HK
supported by Tai Kwun Contemporary

                 installation/stage shot

Cast + Crew
Director, Installation, Poetry reading: IV Chan
Live musicians: VunkwanTam, Little girl and her mother
Performer: little girl
lighting designer: Lai Bie
Sound Mixer: Jacklam Ho
Curator and coordinator: Jasmine Cheung, Veronica Wong

Run down of Live performance ( approx. 1 hr ) :

-1 handsewn soft toy- baby rattle as a gift to the audiences before entrance
-2 audiences enter installation (w/sound piece : “ Mother Calling “)
-3 little girl and her mother playing the kalimba (tune : “ twinkle twinkle little star “) 
-4 audiences exit stage and settle in their seats
-5 Light change, musician enters to center stage, his back to the audiences, live music begins
-6 little girl enters stage with an illuminated sphere, places it inside the washing machine, turns on machine, illuminated sphere spinning inside the machine, little girl leaves stage
-7 Light change, I begin to read my poem “ Mother Monster ”
-8 little girl re-enters stage, turns off washing machine, takes out the illuminated sphere, carrys it off stage
-9 Light change, musician ends his music, leaves stage
-10 Light projection on the side wall, fades out


sound piece > “Mother Calling”

photo documentation of performance :
︎ 1

︎ 2

︎ 4

︎ 5

︎ 6

                      ︎ 7,8                                                                                                                      

details of installation